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    ItemThick Berber Fleece mattress
    FabricLamb Velvet + Blended Fabrics
    FillerPolyester Fiber (polyester)
    Size100*200CM/ Customizable
    ColourTuhaojin/Beige / Customizable
    Product GradeQualified Products
    OriginZhejiang, China
    Supply Capacity30,000 Pieces Per Month
    Packaging Inner PE bag.
    Outer PVC bag/Nonwoven bag/ Box.
    Cartons with wash label,card/Others.
    FOBMain ports in China
    Sheep Tsutsugamushi mattress has a good bearing capacity, can be very close to the body, to reduce the role of physical pressure, sheep Tsutsugamushi is sensitive to temperature, will be adjusted according to body temperature. People with cervical and lumbar spine problems can choose this mattress, which can bring pressure-free support.
    1. The appearance is light and clean, with good air permeability and drapability.
    2. Soft, light and transparent texture, smooth and elastic handle.
    3. It’s very comfortable and elegant.
    4. After high temperature shrinkage treatment, it is not easy to deform and wrinkle.
    5. Good physical properties, high fiber strength, wear resistance and durability.
    6. Good chemical properties, alkali resistance, chemical resistance, insect resistance and mildew
    resistance.Berber Fleece Mattress factory