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    PVC Free Foam Board Production Line
    Quick Detail:
    PVC crust foamed plate has such characteristics as sound separation sound absorption
    The materiai is incombustible,it is safe for use. All series of products have property of weathering proof,its luster may remain forever,it is not easy to be ageing. PVC WPC Construction Template Production Line mainly composed of Twin screw extruder, board mould, vacuum sizing and calender roller.
    Quick Detail:
    1. PVC WPC Construction Template Production Line mainly composed of Twin screw extruder, board mould, vacuum sizing and calender roller. Our extruders adopt specially designed screw. We did lots of study from process to formula. The performance of our machinery and equipment reached the international advanced level.
    2. Panel is used PVC resin, wood powder or (vegetable fibre) as the main materials, filled in Caco3, and added necessary lubrication, stabilize etc auxiliaries, after fully stirred heated and mixed, dispersed evenly by the high speed mixer, then heated and plasticized by the extruder and mould to form the panel.
    3. PVC wood-plastic board is widely used for building templates, industrial packing,furniture cabinet, outdoor landscapes material and indoor decoration and so on.

    Main Technical Parameters of PVC Free Foam Board Machine:
    Extruder modelSJZ55/110SJZ65/132SJZ80/156SJZ92/188
    Main motor power(kw)223755110
    Down-stream equipment modelYF240SYF240A YF300AYF600YF900 YF1200
    Product width(mm)Max240Max240 Max300Max600Max900 Max1200
    Vacuum pump(kw)2*5.54*5.51*7.5 2*111*7.5 2*11
    Water pump(kw)1.547.57.5
    Haul-off speed0-50-50-30-2.5
    Down-stream equipment power22354452 62
    Architecture decoration industry: outdoors decoration plate, residential house, office, separation of public building, commercial decoration frame, plate used in dust-free room, ceiling plate. Advertisement industry: screen printing, computer engraving advertisement board,exhibition plate, logo plate.
    Our Service:
    1) We give you suitable suggestions according to your actual need.
    2) Technical support: long available life
    3) Under the right operation way, the screw and barrel is for 10000 working hours.
    4) Our expert will answer any inquiry within 48 hours and it will be solved as soon as possible.
    5) The customer can send the engineer to our company with training
    6) Our engineer can be to the Buyer’s company for installation and testing the lines.
    7) The seller provides you with complete technical support documents and the relative drawings of the electric components written in Chinese and English.
    Deliver , shipping and serving:
    Packing and Shipping:cheap Plastic Board Production Line