Author: Beaford Arts

Torrington May Fair

Torrington May Fair by James Ravilious

Torrington May Fair. Crowds and performers in High Street.
[People at Torrington May Fair in Torrington High Street. A person dressed as a knight looking into an archway partially covered by a flag, (possibly part of the Town Hall). A child is peering out of the archway.]

Mrs Pickard’s poultry stall

Mrs Pickard's poultry stall by James Ravilious

Mrs Pickard’s poultry stall Pannier Market.
[Mrs Pickard drinking tea and selling eggs from wicker baskets at Barnstaple Pannier Market. The eggs are priced.]

John Govier

John Govier by James Ravilious

Man holding up nitch of corn.
[John Govier holding a nitch of corn using a pitchfork, above his head, at Beaford.]

Farmer on load wheat

Farmer on load wheat by James Ravilious

Farmer on load wheat.
[Mr Lake, wearing a flat cap, stood on top of bundles of wheat, probably on a trailer, at Kiverleigh, Beaford.]

Coastal viewpoint

Coastal viewpoint by James Ravilious

Couple looking through telescope, cliffs and sea.
[A man and woman looking through a telescope on top of a cliff at the coastline below, at Ilfracombe.]

Holidaymakers on the beach

Holidaymakers on the beach by James Ravilious

Seaside bathers, surfers, woman photographer.
[A woman on the seashore, taking a photograph of two children playing with a dinghy, at Woolacombe. Other bathers are paddling in the sea and various buildings can be seen on the hillside behind the beach.]

Mayor and Mayoress

Mayor and Mayoress by James Ravilious

Mayor and Mayoress.
[The Bideford Mayor and Mayoress at Bideford carnival, wearing their chains of office.]

Hatherleigh Band parading at the Carnival

Hatherleigh Band parading at the Carnival by James Ravilious

Hatherleigh Silver Band leading British & Foreign Bible Society Parade.
[A man is watching Hatherleigh Silver Band parade past from his front door at Hatherleigh in the British & Foreign Bible Soicety Parade.]